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We summarise Government policy announcements and consultation exercises for reference, with a hint of comment for good measure

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Why JCWI objects to the Immigration Bill 2015

Posted on October 12th 2015

In advance of the second reading of the Immigration Bill 2015 tomorrow, JCWI has been working with opposition leaders to scrutinise the provisions and oppose the passage of Bill through Parliament. Our briefing for the Second Reading is available to download. We have serious reservations on many aspects of the Bill, which are detailed below.

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Hostile Environment Renewed with Full Force with New Immigration Bill 2015

Posted on September 22nd 2015

Last Thursday saw the publication of the Conservative Government’s Immigration Bill. The Second Reading of the Bill is on 13 October 2015. The Bill builds on the 2014 Act, representing the latest extension of their aim to create a ‘hostile environment’ for irregular migrants in the UK.

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Family Migration Rules Continue to Tear Families Apart - Help us to spread the word!

Posted on July 01st 2015

We are fast approaching the third anniversary of the Family Migration Rules 2012. These rules continue to divide families, separating loved ones and removing children from their parents. We need your help to spread the word: see end of article for how to get involved.

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