The spouse visa rules are extremely complex - there are over 200 pages of Home Office guidance on how to meet the requirements. If you've already read our basic guide to the requirements but still have questions, you may be able to get advice from our lawyers. This will be particularly relevant for people who don't meet the requirements - for example, because they don't meet the income requirement, or have a complex immigration history - and need to show that there are exceptional circumstances in their case. 

JCWI works to provide high-quality legal advice to the people who need it most. If you need advice about a complex partner or spouse visa application, or to appeal against a refusal, contact us by emailing [email protected]. We can also assist with other applications under Appendix FM of the immigration rules, for example if you are applying on behalf of a child, or for an Adult Dependant Relative.

We will be able to provide advice about the requirements and how you can show you meet them. Due to limited capacity, we have a system in place to prioritise those most in need.

If you would like to know more about getting involved with the campaign to change these rules, please don't hesitate to get in touch, by emailing [email protected]