Titi lives with her children in the south of England. In her poem, 'Letter', she describes the experience of receiving a letter from the Home Office with news of her fate - would her asylum claim be accepted or not? It took Titi three attempts over five years, represented by JCWI, to secure her status.


Letter! Letter!! Letter!!!

letter, sweet sensational sad letter

As I stood there

gazing at the letter

101 questions dived through my mind

Letter! my mindset repeated the word "letter"

My heart skipped a beat at the sight of it

Legs turns to jelly

Letter, sweet sensational sad letter

stomach crumbled and immediately lost appetite

at the entrance of the word "letter"

Open it!

What could you read?

What you read will either give you peace or tear you to pieces

I could perceive sadness

letter, sweet sensational sad letter

As depression, desolation and dejection crept in

My heart was overwhelmed with bitterness

Boom! There goes another huge blow once more.

Leaving my heart in pieces and agony

The world seem to be working against me

No sign of hope, definitely not

Letter, sweet sensational sad letter

Every single bone lay hopeless

The whole body was demoralized

Mouth cries for help but it was soundless and voiceless

I was destabilized

Can I go furter

letter! letter!! letter!!!

Have you read it?

Could you feel my panic?

Can you ever forget it?

letter. Sweet, sensational, sad letter

But never give up!

The sun will definitely shine some day

And a sweet letter will come through that door.



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