We are devastated to learn that 27 people have died in the Channel, trying to reach safety in the UK. These were people with hopes and dreams, friends and family. They should never have been put in a position where their only option was to cross a deadly stretch of water.

The British public are in agreement that these dangerous crossings need to end – no one wants to see people dying 15 miles off our coastline. But instead of taking a compassionate and realistic approach, the government is ensuring that the Channel becomes increasingly more dangerous and deadly.

Instead of ensuring that people can get to the UK safely, the government pursues ever-higher fences and illegal 'pushbacks' at sea.

Instead of international cooperation, requests from the French authorities have been met with posturing and bravado.

The government must accept responsibility for these deaths, and change course now to prevent further loss of life.

We have written a briefing for MPs on what needs to change. Please will you take a moment today, to send a copy to your MP and urge them to work for a humane, realistic, compassionate approach to refugee protection.

Take action by writing to your MP now

The government's Bill is complicit with the smugglers

"When we try to close down routes for people to seek asylum, all we do is lose control of the situation and hand it over to the smugglers." Our Policy Manager Zoe Gardner speaks to Sky news.

Please write to your MP now and ask them to stand up for refugee protection.

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