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The Right to Rent scheme - overview and new developments

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24/05/2017 4:00pm
24/05/2017 6:30pm

Central London TBC
2.5 (non-core)
Chai Patel, JCWI Legal & Policy Director and Charlotte Peel, JCWI Policy Officer

It is now over a year since the right to rent scheme was introduced to England.

JCWI has been closely monitoring the impact of the scheme on individuals and communities, conducting in-depth research, publishing two reports, lobbying parliament and highlighting the negative impacts of the scheme in the media.

Despite evidence of discrimination against legal migrants and British ethnic minorities, it remains the Government’s intention to roll the scheme out further to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

This is an essential course on better understanding the Right to Rent scheme, its impact on migrants, BAME communities, those without documentation and landlords. We will also look at the new provisions which came into force in December 2016 and highlight new developments and future plans.

This course will assist you to understand:

  • the scheme, how it works and what it means for you or your client
  • the requirements on tenants, the documentation required and how to protect their rights
  • the requirements on landlords to ensure compliance and the civil and criminal penalties
  • the new powers of Eviction under the Immigration Act 2016
  • implications for house guests and hosting schemes
  • how discrimination operates under the scheme
  • how to challenge discrimination when it occurs
  • future plans to extend the scheme

This course is intended for immigration and housing law practitioners and advisors, community and civil society organisations who deal with migrants and those from a BAME background, those working around homelessness and all landlords.

At the end of the course, delegates will have a comprehensive update of the Right to Rent scheme, a better understanding of its requirements and how it operates, and its impact on migrants and BAME groups.