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Trustee/ Treasurer

JCWI is a leading national organisation working on issues of immigration, asylum and nationality law. We are currently undergoing a period of exciting change and growth and are looking for new trustees to join us and help guide us on this journey.

About JCWI

For over fifty years, JCWI has been a leading national voice for fairness, justice and equality in the UK’s immigration law and policy.

We want to live in a country in which immigration law and policy are based on sound evidence, promote the rule of law and are underpinned by respect for human rights and human dignity. In which no individual or family is made vulnerable or destitute or faces the denial of fundamental human rights as a result of immigration law or its application.

We want to live in a country in which the benefits of migration are celebrated and shared, with no community, migrant or non-migrant, left behind. And a country in which diverse communities are also cohesive and stable communities. In which the politics of migration do not rely on or fuel fear, division and animosity.  

Our work toward these goals is guided by the following strategic objectives:

Strategic Objectives

About the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall governance of the organisation and for ensuring that the organisation is working toward its strategic objectives in accordance with its own internal policies and in compliance with charity law, company law and other relevant legislation.

Our trustees come from all walks of life. Some have experience working in or leading voluntary organisations or practicing immigration law, while others come from academia, the arts, business or the trade union movement. They all share a commitment to the values and goals of JCWI and meet every 6 – 12 weeks at JCWI’s offices in London.


Being a Trustee

Being a trustee is a great way to get involved in the leadership of JCWI by contributing your time and skills to help a leading national organisation flourish. As it’s a voluntary role, it is up to you how much or how little time you’d like to commit, but as a minimum, trustees are required to:

  • Attend Executive Committee meetings every 6 – 12 weeks;
  • Ensure that JCWI and its activities are compliant with any applicable legal frameworks, such as charity law and employment law;
  • Review JCWI’s financial activities in order to ensure that the organisation remains financially healthy and that we are adhering to best practices for financial management.

The treasurer also chairs our Financial sub-Committee which meets immediately before our regular Executive Committee meetings.

Meetings of the Executive Committee are usually held in the early evening at our offices on Old Street. They are a great opportunity to meet and work with other like-minded professionals from a range of different backgrounds. They are often followed by drinks and there is almost always cake.


About You

It takes all sorts of amazing individuals to make an organisation like JCWI, so there’s no fixed specification for what makes a great trustee. However, what we expect from all our trustees is:

  • A commitment to the values and goals of JCWI;
  • Integrity, strategic vision and good judgement;
  • The ability to make an informed contribution to our Executive Committee;
  • Understanding of issues related to immigration law or the politics of immigration in the UK;
  • Understanding of the challenges faced by voluntary organisations, particularly those with a public campaigning profile;
  • Willingness and ability to be an ambassador for our organisation.

Candidates interested in applying for the role of treasurer should also meet the following criteria:

  • Qualified accountant;
  • Experience as either an accountant, financial controller or treasurer for a charitable organisation;
  • Experience in financial management and controls, including risks and audit in a charitable organisation. 


We are particularly keen to hear from potential trustees who have direct, lived experience of our immigration system and who are keen to support our campaigning work.

If you wish to apply for this role, please send an up-to-date CV and covering letter, explaining why you are interested and why you are a suitable candidate, to with ‘JCWI Treasurer’ in the subject line.