JCWI and Liberty have published a Dossier of Failure, detailing the need for an Independent Commission into the systematic failures which culminated in the Windrush scandal.

The Dossier of Failure establishes:

  • The Home Office’s deliberate intent in creating the hostile environment which resulted in the Windrush scandal;
  • That the Home Office knew before and after they implemented the hostile environment that it would result in problems for people legally resident and British citizens who didn't have the right documents;
  • The Home Office’s failure to heed multiple warnings about the harmful impact of the hostile environment;
  • The Home Office’s failure, despite recommendations, to monitor the impact of the hostile environment;
  • That Home Office decision making is error-prone and often arbitrary;
  • That the government has repeatedly tried to reduce scrutiny and corrective mechanisms in the Home Office, rather than dealing with problems.

You can read our press release which accompanied the publication of the Dossier of Failure here.

Click here or on the image below to download the report (pdf).