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I am delighted that Wendy will be overseeing the lessons learned review, which is vital to ensuring this never happens again to any group of people…She has a wealth of experience and I am confident that she will bring integrity to the review and give it the external scrutiny it requires”


Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department


This review confirms what we at JCWI have said from the beginning: Windrush was no accident, but the inevitable result of a broken immigration system, driven by the divisive politics of scapegoating and scaremongering.


After today, there is nowhere left to hide. The Tory leadership candidates must pledge to scrap the Hostile Environment, repeal Right to Rent and rebuild the immigration system from the ground up. We expect the Government to release the full report without delay so that we can begin finally  to build a humane, fair and functional immigration system."


Satbir Singh, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants


Excerpts from the landmark Independent Review into Windrush have been leaked to Channel 4 news and seen by Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

The report makes clear that Windrush was no accident but the result of policies and systems rooted in lying and racism. It recommends immediate suspension of Right to Rent, which the High Court found was causing racial discrimination, pending a robust enquiry.

Wendy Williams, the Independent Reviewer, says she doubts the Hostile Environment, as a whole, can ever be reformed so that it is not racist or inhumane. Wendy is Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary and was appointed as the Independent Reviewer by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

The leaked extracts of the review comprise a damning picture of a Home Office that is broken, and which has been failed over many years by the Ministers and senior officials in charge. More importantly it shows that publication of the review is being delayed. This cannot be allowed to happen.


1.     The Home Office is failing in its legal duty to counter racial discrimination

2.     Ministers have wilfully ignored evidence and failed to come clean with the public about the risks of their policies or have an honest conversation about the benefits of migration

3.     Home Office staff at all levels need to be educated on Britain's own history, including its colonial past

4.     Ministers should admit this was not simply an operational issue but that they were wrong at the policy level. They should unequivocally apologise.

5.     Ministers failed to adequately consider the risk of racial discrimination as a result of their policies, in particular in housing - a direct reference to Right to Rent, which the report recommends should be suspended as the High Court found it caused racial discrimination, in a challenge brought by JCWI.

6.     Home Office claims that Windrush was unforeseen or unavoidable or the fault of the victims are rebutted in the report, which instead blames a negative Home Office culture which defends, deflects and dismisses criticism.


Urgent Action

The Hostile Environment must end, and that must be followed by root and branch reform of the Home Office.

  • The Right to Rent scheme must be abolished because it causes racial discrimination in the rental market;
  • The Hostile Environment must be abolished and replaced with an open, fair, and human system that welcomes migrants and ensures all ethnic minorities in the UK are treated with respect;
  • The independent review must be published as soon as possible and all political parties must commit to implementing its recommendations in full with a view to creating an immigration system that places fairness, evidence-based policy-making and welcome at its heart.