Nearly three years since stories of the Windrush generations being denied their rights, detained and even deported hit the headlines, people are still struggling, and justice has not been done.

The Windrush compensation scheme is too slow, too complex and too meagre to truly compensate people for the loss they’ve suffered. Members of the Windrush generation have endured an incredible amount, with lives put on hold, savings eaten up, debts accrued and earnings lost.

This winter, along with our partners at StrongBack Productions, we are raising and distributing emergency funds to members of the Windrush generation who are still waiting to receive the payouts they are owed by the government.

The funds raised through the Windrush Winter Emergency Appeal are to support survivors of the Windrush scandal with immediate financial needs. 

If you are part of an organisation, group or project supporting members of the Windrush generation, for whom financial support would be helpful, please apply now. We will be distributing grants of up to £2,000. You do not need to be a registered charity or company to apply.

Timings, eligibility criteria and all the information you need to apply can be found in our Information Pack. 

Information for applicants

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Please submit your application by 9am Monday 15 March.

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