Legal Advice and Assistance


JCWI Casework

JCWI employs two solicitors who are currently taking on new clients under our Legal Aid contract. We also represent those individuals who do not qualify for public funding, privately, at very competitive rates. Please refer to our fee structure document below for full details of our charges.

Undocumented Migrants

If you are in the UK without documentation and would like free and confidential legal advice, please phone 020 7553 7470 between 10am and 1pm on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Advice Surgery

JCWI offers an Immigration advice surgery on Tuesday mornings between 10am-12noon. We can only advise a maximum of 8 persons due to limited capacity. We allocate slots in the drop in to people who phone in advance to book their place, this avoids endless waiting for advice. Please phone 020 7251 8708.

We do not provide free advice, we cannot advise people who still have solicitors under legal aid, or those who have been for advice at the advice surgery at JCWI before. If you are eligible for legal aid, you will need to be assessed (for this you will need to bring in proof of means / income). If you are not eligible for legal aid, there will be a charge of £75 for this initial interview (see charges below).

Should you attend the office without an appointment and a slot is not available to be seen that day you will be given an appointment for the following week.

It is possible to arrange fixed-fee appointments with solicitors at other times. Please call the office and the receptionist will put you through to a caseworker if one is available. If a caseworker is not available you may be asked to call back or alternatively leave a message on their voicemail.

JCWI Fee Structure

Hourly Rates 

  • Fee earner with 5yrs Post Qualification Experience £125.00 per hour  (letters & phone calls charged at £12.50 each) Our solicitors fall under the above category
  • Fee earner with 0-5 yrs post experience £100.00 per hour 
  • Newly Qualified Solicitor or newly accredited Caseworker £80.00 per hour 
  • Trainee Solicitor £70.00 per hour 

Fixed Fees 

  • Initial Interview (30 - 45 minutes) £75.00 
  • Lodging an Appeal £500 
  • Preparation and representation of an Immigration Appeal (inclusive of counsel fees) £1750.00.
  • Applications to Home Office minimum of £750.00 per applicant

These fees are exclusive of VAT and disbursements. The Fee Earner will assess how much work is required where a range has been given.

WorldPay Payments ProcessingJoint Council on Welfare of Immigrants is a registered charity (Number: 1117513)