The fifth of our 5 Days of Action for Families is here! It couldn't come at a more important time. MPs will have a chance from Tuesday 30 June to debate the Immigration Bill, including the law that splits up loving families just because of their income. So everything we can do over the next couple of days to raise awareness and put pressure on politicians will be SO important. Thank you!!

Day Five

Today's action is this: write to your local paper and let them know that people in your area are campaigning to change unfair income rules, and calling on the local MP to support the campaign.

The subject line of your email could be something like: "Residents of [your local area] call on MP to fix rules that separate families." You could let them know what percentage of people in the local area are affected, by finding your constituency on this map - the colour lets you know what percentage of people there don't earn the right to a family life. 

If you've been personally affected and would be willing to talk about what the impact has been, and why you're calling for change, that can be really powerful. 

If you would like support with any of this, whether it's finding the right journalist to contact or drafting your email, feel free to contact JCWI. If you email [email protected] and let them know where you're based and whether you'd like to share a personal story or talk about the campaign in general, we'll be able to advise you.