The London Borough of Hounslow is currently consulting on a review of its local plan, with the consultation running up to 24 September. The Plan includes changes which would facilitate the construction of a huge new immigration detention centre on a green belt site next to Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) have been consulting with Hounslow Council to find a replacement site for the current Heathrow immigration detention centres, which are due to be demolished to build the third runway. Two of their preferred sites are covered in the new Local Plan. The land is currently part of the Green Belt, and it is used by locals as a public open green space and is an important site for nature. 

Today (Friday 13 September) we submitted our response to the consultation.

We object in the strongest terms to the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport and the use of this land to build a huge new detention centre.

  • Ensuring migrants’ rights is central to tackling the climate crisis. The third runway would make it impossible to achieve the UK’s climate target of zero emissions by 2050 – despite this target being enshrined in legislation.
  • The third runway would increase inequality in the local community - it is clear that the impact of the flight path would disproportionately be felt by minority communities.
  • We oppose the airport expansion due to the loss of Green Belt, and increased air, noise and traffic pollution.
  • And, due to our frontline work with people harmed by immigration detention, we oppose plans to build a huge new detention centre as part of the proposed new third runway, since such a development presents a direct threat to human rights and runs counter to the direction of travel outlined by the Home Office itself.

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